Marc is to Vest of Friends what Doc is to the Seven Dwarfs. He was born years ago and with an extra toe, but you won't find it on his foot ;). After sailing in from the landlocked city of Calgary, Alberta, he attended the Humber College comedy program where he met many great people, and then he met the rest of the Vest. One day he hopes to eat a full watermelon, or at least a picture of a watermelon...

Evan is to Vest of Friends what Pluto is to the Solar System. A dwarf planet. He is extremely handsome and was once voted “most likely to join a sketch troupe that wears vests and is entirely asian”.  So close! Like the rest of the Vests, Evan attended Humber College for Comedy and graduated with flying cougars. He hopes to someday climb Mount Evergoose. I think he meant Mount Everest, but I didn't have the heart to correct him.

Reid is to Vest of Friends what Gimli is to the Lord of the Rings. A dwarf. Not any ordinary dwarf... a sexy, charismatic, sexismatic (coined phrase of Reid) dwarf that would’ve had people paying attention to him and not that second rate Orlando Bloom. Reid attended Humber College for Comedy and has also graduated from prestigious schools like Harvard and Space Harvard. Reid opened a law firm in space and coined the phrase “ I put the lawyer in space lawyer”. After his business failed mainly due to lack of oxygen for his clients, Reid turned to comedy and it’s been sky rocketing ever since.

Morgan is to Vest of Friends what dwarfs are to Vest of Friends, clearly very important. He comes from a small town filled with laughing clowns, scary sounds, sad sad frowns and Old Man Brown. Morgan attended the Humber College comedy program and is pretty sure he graduated. One day he dreams to play harp for The Beach Boys. And as Old Man Brown always says: “Who am I? Who are You? Who is the man in the suit made of glue?”






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